Changing work


A new publication from the Fabian Society, edited by Yvette Cooper MP – Progressive ideas for the modern world of work.

The world of work is being rapidly transformed by technological innovation and globalisation. Across Europe, exciting new opportunities, new jobs and new forms of work are emerging. At the same time, the loss of stable patterns of employment is contributing to a growing sense of insecurity and anxiety among today’s workforce.

This collection of essays explores the ways in which work is changing, what these changes mean for working people and how the labour movement should respond. Leading politicians, academics, trade unionists and other experts consider what the jobs of the future will entail for workers, politics and the state, and how the left can ensure modern employment benefits everyone.

This is the first publication from the Changing Work Centre, a joint initiative of the Fabians and Community trade union to explore progressive ideas for the modern world of work.

With essays by:

  • Cameron Tait on what’s really happening in the world of work?
  • Norman Pickavance on the nature of work
  • Simon Franks on preparing for the revolution
  • Guy Standing on the precariat dilemma
  • Charlotte Holloway on rethinking skills policy
  • Nita Clarke on the productivity puzzle
  • Scarlet Harris on an economy that works for women
  • John Park on collective voice
  • Jutta Steinruck on co-operation in the digital age
  • Anthony Painter on confronting ‘insecurity cubed’
  • Anna Turley MP on the Uber economy
  • Margaret Prosser on the future of work outside the EU