Digital Policy Lab

Welcome to Future Labour’s Digital Policy Lab – the home of our national conversation about the fourth industrial revolution, and the role a future Labour Government must play.

At Future Labour, we think that Labour wins the hearts and minds of the nation when it sets out a vision for the future that will improve peoples lives. And we also think that the debate around the future of work and the fourth industrial revolution is the basis of that future. So we’re rolling out a speakers pack to Labour Party meetings across the country to start that debate.

We want to hear from you as part of this national conversation. So please do let us know what your local members think about the questions in our pack, and please feel free to circulate this link so that you and others and complete our survey below..

Future Labour is led and managed by volunteers, but we love being part of the debate. So whilst we might not be able to get to your meeting in person, we can certainly take part via online video (ideally on one main screen if your venue has internet access, but we can also take part if people at your meeting have smart phones connected to the internet). If you would like Future Labour to start the debate in your meeting or to be part of a Q&A – either in person or online (depending on diaries!) – then please e-mail our Director, Darren Jones, on

Here’s a link to the speakers pack in “open” format (which should mean it works on most devices)..

And if you’re having trouble with the video in the slides here’s a link to the introduction video..


Future Labour Survey – Fourth Industrial Revolution and the next Labour Government.