Live from Miami: Challenge for the centre left is to stand up and lead.

Future Labour’s Darren Jones, with Labour Party colleagues, campaigning in Florida for Hillary Clinton.

Europe will face new challenges following the election of Donald Trump, writes Darren Jones.

Donald Trump’s election spells the end of progressive politics, unless we stand up and redefine the centre left.

I’ve just returned to the UK after a week in Miami campaigning for Hillary Clinton. The result is clearly not what I was hoping for.

I’ve been involved in election campaigns continuously for about 12 years now. As a Labour Party campaigner you won’t be surprised to hear the jokes I’ve been receiving about taking up a new hobby: a decade of (largely) losing elections on the centre left of politics raises the question as to whether I should substitute my passion for gardening.

But, following my loss at the 2015 General Election (nationally and in my own campaign to become the Labour MP for my home seat of Bristol North West) and then Brexit and now the US Presidential election, I’ve come up with a theory.

In my view, the US election being so close with a Republican candidate as repugnant as Donald Trump spells a much longer term problem for the centre left of politics than it does just for the outcome of this Presidential election. And the parallels apply equally to UKIP and our impending Brexit too.

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Write for Future Labour


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Job Details is a volunteer powered platform focussed on the future of work within the fourth industrial revolution. Future Labour aims to be the place to go for supporters of the Labour Party to read thought leadership on the future of the British digital economy, and the role that the politics of the left has to play.

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The Future of the Brexit Digital Economy


In a welcome twist of events, the May government adopted Labour Party policy this week. Described as more “Balls than Osborne”, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that Conservative economic policy = fiscal discipline + investment for growth.

Whilst this positively Keynesian economic approach is welcome, two things need to happen.

Firstly, Government borrowing should stimulate economic growth through an active industrial policy focussed on the future digital economy. With hard Brexit now on a timer, Britain can’t afford to fall off the European Digital Single Market without a coherent vision of a Digital Britain.

And secondly, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell need to set out how Labour’s economic strategy will deliver on Jeremy’s promise of bringing the Keynesian economic approach of the 20th century into the 21st century.

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Future Labour at Labour Party Conference 2016


Join Labour Digital as it re-launches as Future Labour at Labour Party Conference 2016.

Labour Digital is re-launching as Future Labour at Labour Party Conference 2016.

Come and join us at our fringe this Wednesday from 12:30 in Meeting Room 13 at the ACC (conference pass required).

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