Changing work


A new publication from the Fabian Society, edited by Yvette Cooper MP – Progressive ideas for the modern world of work.

The world of work is being rapidly transformed by technological innovation and globalisation. Across Europe, exciting new opportunities, new jobs and new forms of work are emerging. At the same time, the loss of stable patterns of employment is contributing to a growing sense of insecurity and anxiety among today’s workforce.

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In 2013 Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams released their Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics which they described as a project aiming to align left-wing politics with the legacy of the Enlightenment. They followed this in 2015 with their book Inventing the Future in which they critique the “folk politics” of localism, direct action and relentless horizontalism that has come to dominate left radical politics and argue instead for an accelerationist politics at ease with a modernity of abstraction, complexity, globality, and technology.

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